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Full Version: portd bits?
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From the schematic for the pic32MX440F256H it looks like PORTD is 12 bits. Is this correct? I need to write to pins 2-7 at the same time to port an arduino library to my pic32.

Thanks for any insight into this matter.
Yes, RD12-15 are not brought out on the H (64-pin) chip.

The chip mostly has multifunction pins so you also have to only use each pin with some thought Smile

BTW, the data sheets and FRM - Family Ref Manual - are free on the Microchip site and essential reading.

You can write to just certain pins easily using the SET or CLR (or INV) ports with suitable mask. (See Chapter 12)



Thanks! Those sources were very helpful.

Also, do you/anybody know if there's an equivalent to TimerOne.h (arduino lib) for the pic? I'd hate to have to re-invent the wheel Smile