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Full Version: Schematic - PIC32 PINGUINO OTG Rev C.jpg
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I find the schematic in the pdf user manual difficult to read and to scroll around in adobe reader.

I created a black and white jpg which is easier to read and when I double click to open it in my default image viewer, Picasa, it is sooo Big Grin easy to scroll and zoom with left mouse click dragging and mouse wheel zoom.

I hope others find it useful too.

I "bug reported" this issue to Olimex a while ago for a different board, and posted a PDF with black (or a much darker colour, can't recall now) where they use a washed out (grey? blue?) so am hoping they eventually get the message that their current ones are Hard To Read!!

I like the idea (but not colours) of their ones because you can search them. Sadly you can't do that with a JPG.

I am with you on the search-ability but I need to see it first. The OTG was search-able but the MICRO was in their user manual as an image, go figure.
I didn't know that about the Micro (don't have one).

I wish I could get their PDF sources and rebuild them properly, it's a pain trying to modify them!!

I changed the colour darkness for the same reason - couldn't read the pesky thing. People on the DM (DuinoMite) forums were saying the same.

I don't know about the "PDF sources" but I think that they publish most of them in Eagle format on the corresponding product pages on their web-site. You can download them, open them in Eagle and change the properties, including the colours, of the various layers to your hearts content before preparing your own PDFs.

I have posted an example the other similar thread for the Micro

That's GREAT!!!

Put one here for the OTG, we are waiting....

And as I said in the MICRO thread, if only I could find a pdf reader with left click drag and wheel zoom!!

I think there is a place for both Wink

But please make it searchable Smile

Oh and what reads these Eagle format files?

I use CadSoft Eagle Wink Big Grin (sorry, had to)

None of my pdf tools can save it/modify it as searchable either.
Thanks, it's just that google finds a lot of eagles!!

(Never heard of CadSoft, but hey why would I have lol)

There you go - searchable Smile

Edit: Wrong naming on the first attachment
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