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Full Version: DC Power Source 220v to 12v
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Hello, I want know if somebody have a circuit for build a tiniy 220v to 12v Power Source.

I need a small power source for my project.

I'm tryng to energize my pinguino board with 220v of my House but i need transform to 12v first.

Thanks, please help Big Grin
I just buy them they're so cheap!

Remember that 220V is classed as fatal for good reasons.

Buy i need a little power source normal 220v power source are so big.
Can you give me a link?
What you need is variously termed "plugpack" or "wall wart" or "power adapter". You know, the thing you use to power external 3.5" hard drives, ADSL routers, wireless routers etc etc.

See, for example:
i make a homebrew power source, i tested it with arduino, but now i need test pinguino board, i need know the pins for connect my power source. someone can tell me where i must connect the external power source?
I hope you know what you're doing as it doesn't sound like it. 220V KILLS so I certainly won't be telling you how to connect it.
Hello i put here an attachment of my little power source regulator from 220vAC to 12vDC for pinguino board.
I need know the pins for energize my Pinguino, someone can tell me that?

[Image: 798191_633919823299269_956084381_o.jpg]