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Full Version: New PIC32MZ
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Microchip will soon release new PIC32MZ with :
- 200 MHz & 330 DMIPS !!!
- 2 MB Flash with Live Update
- 512 KB high speed SRAM
More info.
I was going to share this "exzactly", but you was faster ! !lol
December !!

WOW I want it!!!!!

Very useful 12Bit ADC and CAN Bus.

Bye Bye, Moreno
Datasheet :
Errata (10 pages and the chips are not yet released !) :

Is there a generous donor Wink in the community because this kit is shockingly not affordable (about 90 EUR Huh) ?
(21-11-2013, 05:55 PM)moreno Wrote: [ -> ]Very useful 12Bit ADC and CAN Bus.
PIC18F47J53 has 12-bit ADC Tongue
What a crazy price. STM32F4 Discovery is roughly the same performance (I think a bit less) but about 1/7 the price.

Epic fail, Microchip.

I'll wait. Let's see how long before a cheap board becomes available.

I think the price of the chip has to be lower too.. Can get a cheap ARM Cortex-A8 with PowerVR 3D graphics for around the same price.
I've been reading the news about pic32mz for quite some time, it seems a good chip, but... the price!

Microchip must be crazy, with those prices, chips, boards, toolchains etc
STM32F4 Discovery seems to have brilliant specs... Havent had a chance to try it yet, so im only even more interested now... Whats the toolchain options out there for it ?
Pic32MZ : They say chips will come at around 4 euros when ordered for over 1000 units (there abouts). But with dev boards at that price, doesnt tickle my fancy !
Look at the STM32F429I-Disco as well.

Good toolchains (gcc as usual). Olimex site is a good place to go for ideas.

I think Microchip are better at making chips than at marketing, sadly. They're behind in the technical specs for CPU chips so ought to be virtually (or actually) giving their PIC32MZ dev boards away.

Some of their "support" for dev tools (such as PICkit3) is terrible, too. Try the Linux tools (well, don't unless you like a fight). Their must-install-as-root-in-non-standard-way just sucks. (Use a chroot jail and see the weird "hidden" files.)

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