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Full Version: Windows IDE download package updated to X4 rev 996
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Hi all,

I've packaged the Windows version as X4 rev.996.

But I don't know the way of uploading to this page,

So I tentatively put the package to this URL,
Download Windows Package

Would anyone else please put this package to the official place ?

I've moved a copy to my cloud server and updated the URL in the Wiki for IDE Downloads.
If you are installing the X4 IDE on Windows first time from the Easy Pack (no previous X4 installation), some of you may face a problem of running. Please check the text below.

The EasyPack_ReleaseNote_en.txt file describes the need to install MSVC runtime and Pinguino driver and explains how to install. There is one more item to check.

Most users on Windows would have NTFS file system which has files/folders ownership and access right much like Unix environment. When the EasyPack is extracted and moved to the root folder, the folder access rights is set to 'Full control' for Administrators and 'Read & execute' only for Users. Commonly users on Windows 7 belong to 'Users' and Pinguino.exe will fail to run because it can't create .temp folder and other temporary files as well as compiled output files.

If this is the case, the folder security properties needs to be changed to allow 'Full control' to the 'Users'. Follow the steps below.

1) On Explorer screen right click on the X4 folder and select Properties option. You can also move cursor on the folder and press Alt-Enter.

2) Select Security tab. Click Users to confirm if the Permission is given for Full control. If not, click Edit button.

3) On Permissions dialog, click Users, click Full control - Allow checkbox.

4) Click OK twice to close the Properties dialog box.

That does the job and now Pinguino.exe runs.

Hi Pinguino, djpark,

Thank you for your help !