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Full Version: X4 rev 999 Windows IDE download package updated
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Hi all,

X4 rev 999 Windows IDE download package updated,
you can download here,

*** Pinguino EasyPack for win32, release note ***

First, to extract 7z archive , '7-Zip' has to be installed from here,

Installation and start up Pinguno IDE:
1. Using 7-Zip, extract 'Pinguino-X4-EasyPack-Win32-RevNNN-vNN-yyyy-mm.7z' to the arbitrary folder.
(N,y,m is number or string)
It's highly recommended extracting this archive file to the folder
which name dose not have 'spaces or multibyte strings'.
2. Move the x4-easy-revNNN folder to i.e. 'C:\x4-easy-revNNN'.
(Because gpasm.exe can't recognize the long folder name.)
3. Execute x4-easy-revNNN\pinguino.exe,


But... Big Grin
1. If you encounter the message of not existing 'msvc*90.dll' in Windows,
it has to be installed from here:
vcredist_x86.exe (for win32),
or as Python v2.6.6 includes 'msvc*90.dll' file , you may install the Python instead of vcredist_x86.exe
form here,
2. On 8bit PICs, if you encounter the error message of "sdcpp can't find ..." during compilation,
add SDCC execution path to Windows environment variable PATH.
If you extract EasyPack to c:\x4-easy-revNNN (NNN is revision number),
add c:\x4-easy-revNNN\win32\p8\bin to Windows environment variable PATH.

General information about PATH setting: [ ]

* This package dose not install the device drivers,
they have to be installed according to the instruction below link,
Windows XP:
Windows 7
* If Pinguino IDE dosn't start well, delete '.config' file and restart Pinguino IDE,
or check 'pinguino.log' or 'pingunoPanic' file in Pinguino root folder.

Tested environment:
* This package has been tested only 'win32' environment at this moment,
Windows XP (on VMWare),
Windows 7(32bit).

This package based on:
[ svn checkout pinguino32 ]
Python: v2.6.6
[ ]
Py2exe: v0.6.9
[ ]
PySerial: v2.5
[ ]
[ ]
wxPython: for Python 2.6
[ ]
msvcp90.dll: (Using Ver.9.00.30729.1)
This file will be found in c:\Windows\winsxs or so on.
PySVN(not inclueded): v1.7.6

Packaging scripts and patches:
Refer to 'extra/EasyPack-doc' folder.

Thank you very much, Pinguino Developper Team, many committers
and community members.

rev999 v01: 2014/04, packaged and released by avrin.
rev996 v01: 2014/04, packaged and released by avrin.
rev903 v01: 2013/10, packaged and released by avrin.
rev857 v01: 2013/05, packaged and released by avrin.
rev685mod v01: 2013/02, packaged and released by avrin.

2014/04: by avrin
Windows is available of various versions hostsailor. The versions are different from each other. The latest version having much difference when compared to the oldest versions. The large changes make some difficulty for the users to use it.