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Dear all,
I am new to this forum. I am previously using Arduino platform. Arduino Has some restriction . The arduino Uno board are less no IOS and price wise expensive .If we compare atmega328 Price and pic controller price . PIC are far better in pricing and also gives max no IOS.

so I am new here Can some suggest me model to get started.I would like what are library work exactly to arduino.

My application requires
1)timer2) MStimer 3)time 4)tinygps 5)SoftwareSerial 6)wire 7)modbus 8)lcd
9)keypad 10)basic serial, digitalRead/write, Analog library

If any one worked already can is this IDE support my serve

My requirement:
13~20 digital IOs
6~8 analog IOS
32kb flash memory
Hello AJITnayack,
Have a look at Wiki.
A lot of functions is similar to Arduino ones.
I think the Pinguino board 47j53-A would be an excellent choice. See 47J53-A.
After you read the wiki, with a mind the 47j53-A board as choice, come back to the Forum to ask for specific requests.