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Full Version: PIC32MX795 problem
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Hello, I 'm new to Pinguino.
I have a problem at 'Blink a LED' .

C:\pinguino-11\p32\lkr\ISRwrapper.S:50: Error: symbol `vector_24_ISR_wrapper' is already defined
C:\pinguino-11\p32\lkr\ISRwrapper.S:50: Error: symbol `vector_32_ISR_wrapper' is already defined
C:\pinguino-11\p32\lkr\ISRwrapper.S:50: Error: symbol `vector_31_ISR_wrapper' is already defined

My BOARD : UBW32 795
IDE : Pinguino IDE 11.0-beta.3
OS  : Win7(64bit)

but,the compilation is a success at 'UBW32 460'.

Please help me.
Thanks for this report.
Interrupt vectors num. 24, 31 and 32 (and some others) are shared on some PICs.
For ex. vector 24 is for I2C3, SPI3 and UART1 interrupts.
I've fixed the ISRwrapper.S file for all PIC32MX795 MCU, please update your copy.
I'm sorry. I jumped to the conclusion.
I was not able to find the Updated installer from .
Please tell me,,,
Please help me.

MakeNSISW Compile Error

File: "..\python-2.7.7.msi" -> no files found.
Usage: File [/nonfatal] [/a] ([/r] [/x filespec [...]] filespec [...] |
  /oname=outfile one_file_only)
Error in script "C:\pinguino-nsi-installer-1.1.0-beta3\Pinguino.nsi" on line 268 -- aborting creation process
Ok I see I gave you a link to the script not the executable. Sorry.
Try the link on the download page :
Please forgive my poor English.

I appreciate your efforts.
but,I have some bad news.

pinguino-11.2015.02.02-setup.exe is the same as the old one, the situation did not change.

I downloaded '' '' , was overwritten.
Then,I succeeded in compiling.

Pinguino not found at Upload.
(In it even though it has already been successful X4-Rev999.)
This might be another problem....
Is the installer running when your execute pinguino-11.2015.02.02-setup.exe ?
If so, don't forget to install the USB drivers for your Pinguino : once libusb has been installed, connect your board to your PC, switch to bootloader mode and look after the right Vendor ID (04D8 Microchip) and the right Product ID (FEAA for 8-bit Pinguino, 003C for 32-bit Pinguino).
I'm very sorry.
I installed without libusb.

After all uninstalled,it was successful when i installed again.
I jumped with joy.

but,Upload failed.
[DEBUG] Getting processor family ...
[DEBUG] Yes, Device family = 3
[DEBUG] Getting processor name ...
[DEBUG] Yes, Device ID = 04307053
[DEBUG]  - with PIC103 (ID 0x04307053, rev. A0)
[DEBUG] Aborting: program compiled for 32MX795F512H but device has 103
[DEBUG] Device closed
[DEBUG] Time spent for 'upload': 0.17 s
[DEBUG] Ending 'upload'
[DEBUG] Time spent for '__upload__': 0.18 s
[DEBUG] Ending '__upload__'

( but,Upload is successful at X4-Rev999. )
Ok I see. Please edit qtgui/pinguino_api/uploader/
Line 168+, you will see this table :

    devices_table = \

        0x04A00053: ['32MX220F032B'],
        0x04A04053: ['32MX220F032D'],
        0x04D00053: ['32MX250F128B'],
        0x06600053: ['32MX270F256B'],
        0x00952053: ['32MX440F256H'],
        0x00978053: ['32MX460F512L'],
        0x0030E053: ['32MX795F512H']    # RB20150328 : to be checked (could be 0x00300053)

Replace 0x0030E053 with 0x04307053 (and delete my comment Blush ).
Tell me ...
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