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Full Version: Unable to program PIC18F45K50 with PICkit2
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Hello all.

I am creating PIC18F45K50 pinguino.

I've stuck at uploading the hex file from PINGUINO site to PIC18F45K50 chip.

I am unable to program PIC18F45K50 with PICkit2. I have updated my Devices file to include that chip (the new devices file is on Microchip forums), the PIC18F45K50 is recognized, but I can't write hex to it because it has "All protect" red message shown all the time.
I have tried with several different PIC18F45K50 and the problem is always the same.

Please note that I have already programmed PIC18F4550 (without 'K') and it worked fine.
My current hardware setup (I am trying to program PIC18F45K50 on breadboard) is also OK, because it works if I replace the PIC18F45K50 with PIC18F4550.

So I have no idea what's wrong. Can anyone help me? I didn't set any "code protect" bits.

I am attaching screenshots from PICkit2 software. It clearly shows that only first two bytes of PINGUINO hex files are properly written to PIC18F45K50. The rest is broken. Also, the verification fails after writing.

PS: I was able to program correctly multiple PICs with my PICkit, including 24F, and 30 families, so I have really no idea why I'm having such bugs with PIC18F45K50.

Please help.
How is your 45K50 wired ? Did you follow this schematics ?
Yes, I made it that way, but it should not really be the case because I can't even get my hex on that PIC.

I have already made Pinguino on PIC18F4550 (without "K") twice, and there was no troubles.
I even programmed the PIC18F4550 for my second pinguino in the current breadboard setup.
By the way - it's the great project, keep it up, I see you're the one of the authors Big Grin

but still, I can't program any of my PIC18F45K50. The "All protect" message in red is shown all the time, even after Erase or after writing a blank hex with "Code protect" disabled.

Regis, what programmer are you using to get your hex on PIC18F45K50 ??
I use a (clone of a) pickit3.
What's the schematic of your clone? Can you give me more information?
(07-08-2015, 09:31 PM)B4lfiz4r Wrote: [ -> ]What's the schematic of your clone? Can you give me more information?

No schematic. I bought it from surelectronics.
I also got one like that - works fine, very cheap.

Is it possible to program PIC18F45K50 from the PIC18F4550 board? Use the self (well,not really self in this case) replication idea?
yes it is.
Would be the schematic identical to the one from that post?
And what about the software?
What parts of this: would have to be changed?
Which datasheets would be helpfull as reference?
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