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Full Version: support the PIC32MX120F032B (id 0x04 0xA0 0x60 0x53)
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how hard would it be to recompile some pinguino32 bootloader to support PIC32MX120F032B (id 0x04 0xA0 0x60 0x53) ?
I have this PIC at hand and it would be great if I could get it PINGUINOED?
Any ideas?
Possible but it hasn't really got enough flash. The MX220 has the same problem and is honestly worth avoiding.

Enough flash for what? For bootloader?
How hard would it be? I have this chip at hand and I'd really like to program it from Pinguino IDE
Not enough for bootloader and definitely not enough for user Pinguino programs.

I agree with John but if you really want the IDE to support it to program some simple application I can explain you how to do it.
Note that PIC32's can also be programmed with ICSP (check ICSP mode in the board selector menu) so you can save some KB.
I don't understand the ICSP feature of PinguinoIDE. Is it using pickit2 to upload the bootloader? Well, the PICs require 12V voltage on MCLR, so I can't see really any other options...

Yea, I really want this PIC to work with PINGUINO IDE bootloader, even if the program memory is very small. I won't have any better in the future (also due to the fact that the better version don't have the 5V tolerant programming lines, but that's different story).
I have PIC32MX120F032B at hand and I am able to program it (it's blinking the LED happily right now), so any hints are welcome!
Read about Pinguino.

It uploads using a pre-installed bootloader not via PICkit.

You can buy a much better device very cheaply but if you insist then roll up your sleeves and change bootloader + Pinguino to support whatever you wish.

Lots (all?) of PIC32s have 5V-tolerant pins.

"Lots (all?) of PIC32s have 5V-tolerant pins."

I must diseagree.
PIC32MX220F032B - no 5V tolerant PGD/PGC lines

PIC32MX250F128B - no 5V tolerang PGD/PGC lines

PIC32MX270F256B - no 5V tolerang PGD/PGC lines

This is frustrating, but it makes me unable to program them (without doing some signal level translation), even while I am still able to program PIC32MX120F032B.

If you see ANY PIC32 suitable for pinguino with 5V-tolerant PGD/PGC lines, then please just name it and I will be very thankful!
Why do you care whether those pins are 5V-tolerant? I've programmed the MX220, MX150, MX170, MX795, MX440, and others with home made circuit and my own ICSP software without any hassle and I'm almost useless at hardware!

Even I can make a resistor divider etc.

In any case you say you have the right kind of PICkit!!

BTW, looks to me like some of the other chips DO have 5FT pins such as MX170 (but who cares...).

My PICKIT2 is only able to supply 5V signals on PGD/PGC.
The 5V on 3.3V-only pins would most likely damage the chip. Resistor divider is in my opinion not a good idea because PGD line is bi-directional.
MX170 you say? Well, indeed. PIC32MX170F256B has 5V tolerant PGD/PGC pins... but wait... does it have USB?!
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