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Full Version: pic32mx270 DIY problem (can not upload)
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still have this problem

lib usb fgilter is installed and board pic32 mx 270

[OUT] Pinguino found ...
[OUT]  - with PIC32MX270F256B (ID 0x06600053, rev. A2)
[OUT]    System  clock 40.000 MHz
[OUT]    Periph. clock 20.000 MHz
[OUT]  - with 118768 bytes free (115 KB)
[OUT]    from 0x9D003010 to 0x9D020000
[OUT]  - with Pinguino USB HID Bootloader v1.3
[OUT] Erasing flash memory ...
[OUT] Uploading user program ...
[OUT] Aborting: write error code 107

some suggestion?