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Full Version: STDOUT to IDE
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How do I get text from my Pinguino 32 micro to the stdout window of the IDE?
A simple Serial.printf("Hello World"); would be nice Smile


I am using Rev959 with Win7 64bit and there does not appear to be any output.
[Olimex 32bit micro brd]
(The reason I am using V959 is other versions do not seem to work.)
Don't forget to open a terminal on your PC as minicom for linux or hyperterminal for Windows because in the Pinguino IDE we have no integrated serial or CDC terminal as found in Arduino IDE.
The STDOUT in the Pinguino IDE is a file to log compilation warning or error messages.
Serial.printf or CDC.printf work well when opening a PC terminal and selecting a suitable COMxx or /dev/ttyxxx, according your OS.
Thanks for your help. Still no luck.
I tried two different win terminal programs set to com1 9600baud 8N1

I tried both test programs  at
the test program for Serial.print at
Do you connect your terminal to the good virtual COM ? Check in the Device Manager(cf Configuration Panel) a new COM exists when your Pinguino is finally uploaded. This is this new COM that is the good virtual COM.
Put your CDC.printf(" Hello ...") in the loop in order that the print is repeated.

If you have a serial USB adapter cable it would be easier to get a responsive terminal using The Serial Library

For me with a relative experience it is yet difficult to work with the CDC library because of synchronisation troubles in Windows. With patience it works.

Bye André
Once again, I would like to thank you for your assistance.

And yes, I did not have a virtual port setup because other
IDE's I have used provided the term window (I thought that
was what the F8 window was !#@&)

I spent an hour trying several trial software packages and
none were worth spending the money.

Would you please explain exactly how you have your system
set up?
CDC.printf works for me, so the board is outputting correctly, but I am on Linux so don't have Windows driver etc problems.

OK Everyone, I got it working.

It was apparently a combination of factors.

To assist others, here is what I found.

**** With Win7 ****
   You do not need the virtual terminal,
   but the terminal program must be started after
   the Pinguino is running or it won't find the new
   USB port the Pinguino will make. It is the new
   port com# that the terminal window must be
   connected to.

This is now working with the, I have
not tried other output commands.

Thanks for all the help.