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Full Version: RTCC in SD Code on PIC32 OTG Board
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Using PIC32 OTG, but can't compile with RTCC code.
1. I am getting a whole series of errors like
C:\Users\David\Desktop\PinguinoIDE\p32\include\pinguino\libraries/sd/diskio.c:607:24: error: 'rtccDate' has no member named 'mon'
and all the other members of the union.

2. I am getting a whole series of errors like
C:\Users\David\Desktop\PinguinoIDE\source\/user.c:90:2: error: conflicting types for 'rtccTime'
I have tried to copy all the variables in the dataLoggerOTG example but clearly I have missed something important.
Any suggestions? I can send a copy of the program to a specific person, if anyone is interested.....
Actually, I would love to eliminate the involvement of the PIC32 Pinguino rtcc capability in the sd card and just install a DS3231 if it were a simple matter, so that when I power off/on the PIC32 OTG card, it will pickup the correct time from the DS3231.... has anyone made this change to the libraries?