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Full Version: Enter Bootloader Issue
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We use PIC32-PINGUINO-MAX220 Development board which is consist PIC32MX220F032D controll.
We use MPlabxIDE and PPICKIT3 for programing.
When i attach USB cable with this board its not open in USB devices of PC window7 OS. 
Only LED1 is Continues blink of Board.
Read AN1388 Doc and Follow all step to enter Bootloader Mode but not any response from hardware (press BUT SW and after USB Plug and Press RST)
 what is probem and how to open device in USB and enter in Bootloader mode.
Also not mention Hard reset Step in manual so how to hard reset board.
You're not using any Pinguino software so better to ask elsewhere e.g. Olimex or whoever you bought from.

Thanks for Replay JOHN
Its OK and now i use Pinguino.
still one problem my board not goes to bootloader Mode i press BUT key and Then Plug in USB and Than press Reset But only RED led blink and Board is not open in USB devices
so can u help me what is actual problem and How to open boot mode.
Sounds like it has wrong bootloader as it is not truly a Pinguino board.