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Full Version: Pinguino Bootloader V5
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Hello, can anyone give me here some information about "V5 bootloader", what's that exacly and how it's different from V4?
Is V5 bootloader for P8 only or also for P32?
I've seen some git activity last week but there is no documentation...
The v5 is a 2-button bootloader for 8-bit only.
It works just like the 32-bit version except this one is a HID USB bootloader while the 8-bit version is still a Bulk USB bootloader.
HID support will be available with v6.
v5 is for the new Pinguino Torda and is intended to be the new bootloader of all new 8-bit Pinguino boards.
I can extend support to some other boards/micro-controllers if someone needs it.