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Full Version: Re: Make Pinguino IDE work for pic32mx570f256l
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Hi All,
I have my board with pic32mx570 controller. Its basically PIC32MX 1/2/5 starter kit. In order to make it pinguino I need bootloader and necessary drivers, thats one part. Secondly I need to make pinguino IDE able to compile it for mx570 controller. Now I am able to list down my board(MX570) under board confguration in IDE, but I am not getting what changes further to this have to be made so that the code gets compiled. So if any one could give me a hint, it would be great.

Thank you.
Do you mean pic32mx570f512l as I cannot find pic32mx570f256l?

It's quite a lot of work so why not just use one of the supported chips?

Much easier!!

Hi John,
Yeah, sorry it was a typo. The main reason why I want pinguino work with pic32mx570f512l is for a custom board. I am intending to make changes in the pinguino so all the programming can be done as it is simple. I know that for compiling I will be requiring *.o file for my device, which is ofcourse not for free. So if at all I need them means how can I get them? What is the channel for it? OR its not in my way at all.

It's enough work that I'd avoid it and just use a supported device.

Otherwise you can go ahead reading all the pinguino code and figure out all the many changes needed. If it seems hard, just don't use pinguino. Note: your chip only has 3KB for bootloader so that is a major pain to start with.