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Full Version: Pinguino IDE 12.0.39-beta.2 doesn't upload
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Pinguino IDE 12.0.39-beta.2 doesn't upload.

I have um Manjaro Linux (x86_64), and pinguino 18F4550 (20 MHz).

The output log is in the attachemnt file.



I have the same problem,
(16-11-2017, 01:09 PM)mrbica Wrote: [ -> ]Hi.

I have the same problem,

i'm using debian linux and have no issues with Pinguino IDE 12.0.39-beta.2 which bootloader are you using? i use V4.14

Hi Daniel,

Looking at the logs it seems you have Python 3.6 installed and the issue comes from PyUSB (a Python wrapper for libusb).
I guess the PyUSB module installed is not compatible with your Python's version so either you install Python 2.x and launch Pinguino with python2 instead of python (which is pointing to python3 by default), or you install PyUSB for Python3 : sudo pip3 install pyusb --pre

I hope it helps.