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Serial Device - Phisatho - 10-02-2012

I am unable to connect to penguino in serial mode.
I can communicate in CDC mode.

Further, I always have to use perpetual bootloader mode to upload. I suspect that these two issues are related.

I suppose I need to reinstall the serial drivers, but without seeing a device in the device manager, I am unsble to uninstall.

Please help.

What does the USB example under communication do? I am unable to compile it

RE: Serial Device - electronlibre - 10-02-2012

Someone will probably have a better solution, but, if CDC works, you could use to debug, don't you? Send through CDC some information about what is happening in the serial port, at least you will have something to work on!
I didn't unterstand the next part of your message, what does 'perpetual bootloader mode' means? And what serial drivers, device manager, etc do you mean?
What OS are you using? what version of pinguino? This will make easier for the developers to help you Wink


RE: Serial Device - pingotg - 10-02-2012

You could help yourself by following the post about what to do before posting Smile


RE: Serial Device - Phisatho - 10-02-2012

OK, looks like my English is useless or my communication skills are superb. let me try step by step.

Host OS: Win XP SP2
IDE: Pinguino X.2
Board - PIC32 pinguino from olimex

I compiled library -> examples->4.Communication->getkey.pde.
Uploaded, no problems. But then there is no serial port corresponding to pinguino board to connect to.

I hope I made the case clear to the extent possible (to my standards)

Perpetual bootloader: I have to go through the button down -> reset down sequence every time I upload. Is this normal? My understanding was that the IDE will upload to the board without any intervention on the board side.

Drivers: When I connected the board first time windows did not ask for drivers as expected. (I could be wrong on this I was juggling between three different boards at that time.). I was wondering whether this has something to do with the absence of a serial port listed at windows end (obviously)

Device Manager: Windows device manager - Where I can see all serial ports, HIDs etc.

PingOTG, Thanks for the great help.

PS: I read that USB bulk data is not implemented. Wonder why examples of yet to be implemented features are included.

RE: Serial Device - regis - 10-02-2012

You know much of what looks like rudeness in hacker circles is not intended to give offense ...

USB bulk examples are only for 8-bit Pinguinos at that moment.
The 32-bit version is on the road map.

RE: Serial Device - pingotg - 10-02-2012

I've posted before that the board appears as the HID device only when put into bootloader mode (makes sense when you think about it), though I suppose you could put the equivalent feature into a user program.

When in bootloader mode it does not appear as a CDC device (also makes sense, what would it be doing?).

When not in that mode it does whatever the user program does. If the program doesn't use CDC then it won't appear as a CDC device.

So, naturally you'll have to reset into bootloader mode if you want the bootloader active and willing to accept a user program and put it into memory.

If in a user program using CDC you don't see the appropriate thing in Windows, it seems rather likely you're missing a driver. There are quite a few posts on here and I think in the wiki about Windows and drivers.

Just to mention that I'm not psychic so anyone who fails even to state OS and board type makes it impossible to help. The site does point this out (and actually says to post a lot more).

Finally, I'm an unpaid volunteer donating my time when I feel like it. The less data someone bothers to post the less I can generally be bothered to do for them.


RE: Serial Device - Phisatho - 10-02-2012

My mistake - I was comparing with Arduino / Maple for which the IDE resets the device and the board stays in bootloader (HID) mode for a couple of seconds when the IDE will pick it up and upload the HEX file. It sounds like Pinguino does not have this facility.

Yes, it looks like a driver issue. I have gone through mails touching this subject, but did not help to solve this issue. To reinstall the driver, it should be sensed at the time of plugging, or it should show up in device list. Niether happens in my case.

I never guessed anybody here belongs to the psychic category.

I am fully aware that everybody present here are unpaid volunteers. Being unpaid volunteer does not imply that you are obliged to hammer newbies. There is no pressure on you to respond against your will.
When you don't feel like responding, my suggestion is to leave it to others.