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RE: Pinguino missing compiler 32-bit - pingry - 25-11-2014

When I say "I recently posted that I had found the v11 32-bit completely broken" I mean the PIC32 compiler binaries and I was not referring to the Win7 32 bit binaries.

RE: Pinguino missing compiler 32-bit - pingotg - 25-11-2014

The current v11 or whatever simply is broken. I suggested in all seriousness it be deleted until a working one is made, so people download something older but working.

I think your best bet is to get an older install of the full Pinguino.


RE: Pinguino missing compiler 32-bit - pingry - 26-11-2014

OK, but who is fixing it?

I am really keen to help with this project, my motivation to add support for an Arduino compatible pinout board made in the UK.

How can I help sort of this PIC32 compiler problem?

RE: Pinguino missing compiler 32-bit - pingotg - 26-11-2014

I don't see anyone fixing it.

Try a mail to regis, he'll either know or may give you access.

I suspect all that needs doing is to put all the right files together into one zip - forget fancy install. May need some paths altering, from the sounds of it, but mainly sounds like missing files that were correctly included previously. It's weird seeing a promising project suffer for such a silly reason!

I use Linux so not really something I can do.

I avoid "upgrading" Pinguino in case it's broken (again). A pity but just not worth the hassle.


RE: Pinguino missing compiler 32-bit - regis - 27-11-2014

Cross-compilation is not that easy but sdcc and above all gcc-mips compilers for Windows (32- and 64-bit) seems to perfectly work now.
I will build them all again tonight (also for Linux) and they will be available on Sourceforge for people who want to test them.
As Victor said, there will be soon a new version (beta 3) of the Windows installer.

RE: Pinguino missing compiler 32-bit - pingry - 27-11-2014

OK Regis. Leave a message and a link in this thread when ready, and I will give them a try out.

As I asked in an earlier posting where can I leave bug reports?

I see that for both 8 bit and 32 bit PICs the compile is run as part of a make script which is spawned from the main Python code. The 32 bit PIC compile Makefile and calling code is broken. I would like to report any problems "at the time I find them" otherwise they will slip my memory. I did manage to fix quite a few problems, but the non-working gcc PIC32 compiler was a problem too big to fix.

RE: Pinguino missing compiler 32-bit - LubOlimex - 28-11-2014

I believe that the latest beta installation of Pinguino IDE v11 for Windows misses not only 32-bit compiler (in C:\pinguino-ide\compilers) but also libraries (in C:\pinguino-ide\libraries).

After placing the latest 32-bit compiler and libraries available I get "UNKNOW ERROR" trying to compile anything. Refer to the attached images.

I tested with both the examples in C:\pinguino-ide\v11\examples and C:\pinguino-ide\libraries\examples.

I use Windows 7 x64.

The last revision of Pinguino IDE I was able to use out-of-the-box with Olimex boards under Windows 7 x64 was one named "x4-easy-rev959". It might be found here:

Best regards,

RE: Pinguino missing compiler 32-bit - regis - 28-11-2014

All compilers, IDE and libraries files are now available at
Please report to for instruction until Windows Installer Beta 3 is available.
For issues :

RE: Pinguino missing compiler 32-bit - jC_Omega - 04-12-2014

Hello Regis

I try  the solution with files :
+ "How to install Pinguino IDE ?" explanation on this link and I have "UNKNOW ERROR"" message.

If I use the files :
and after I extrate "" in the folder.(folder V11) The software compile with 8 and 32bit PIC. it's good  !

What is the correct installation?