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Left paranthese removal. - MrWebsky - 22-03-2015

Pinguino 11.0 - beta 3 on Ubuntu 14.04.

1. Load watchdog.pde
2. Set compilation target to PIC32 PINGUINO OTG, 32-bit architecture, bootloader
3. Press F5 to compile.
4. Compilation ends with errors.
5. In user.c file there are lines with removed left paranthese i.e.

pinmodeGREENLED, LOW);    should be pinmode(GREENLED, LOW);
pinmodeYELLOWLED, LOW);  should be pinmode(YELLOWLED, LOW);

The same problem appears when trying to compile AnalogReadSerial project wth the line containing
analogReadA0);   should be   analogRead(A0);

Probably there's a problem with Arduino symbol replacement.

RE: Left paranthese removal. - regis - 25-03-2015

Fixed in version 11.20150324 (preprocessor error).