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16bit Pinguino - cevadas - 20-04-2015

Hi everyone,

There are several pic24 chips with usb that are self programmable, anyone ever tough about building a 16bit Pinguino?

RE: 16bit Pinguino - regis - 22-04-2015

AFAIK, there are at least 2 issues for me :
1/ a minor one : PIC24 are not available as DIP package
2/ a major one : there is no open-source compiler for these chips (however, I heard about a modified gcc which could do the job)

RE: 16bit Pinguino - cevadas - 22-04-2015


There are some pic24 chips with usb available as DIP package like the PIC24FJ64GB002 or the PIC24FJ128GB202.

If you look at:

at the bottom of the page there is a section called "Source Archives" where you can download the sources for all microchip compilers including C30. I think these are open source but without pro optimization.

RE: 16bit Pinguino - regis - 22-04-2015

I have enough work to do with P8 and P32 but why don't you order some samples and give this compiler a try ? If you start the project we could add it later to the official Pinguino distribution. What do you think about it ?

RE: 16bit Pinguino - cevadas - 22-04-2015

I'm quite new to pic and microcontroller programming, I will try my best.

I already have some samples of these chips and been trying to build a bootloader for them with microchip MLA, but I didn't manage to get it working. If anyone as any hint...

Also I don't have a pic programmer, I have access to a PicKit3 occasionally.

Is there any cheap or DIY programmer for PIC24? That would be really helpful.

RE: 16bit Pinguino - regis - 22-04-2015

You can get a pickit3 clone on eBay for half the price.

PIC24 and PIC32 have quite similar registers so I my opinion you won't have to reinvent the wheel for the bootloader or for libraries.

Try the P32 bootloader here : and  just add some #define to make it work for PIC24. It is based on the Microchip code but I modified it a bit for Pinguino. You can compile it under MPLABX or with the Pinguino GCC-MIPS toolchain (p32-gcc) and the provided Makefile. In that case you won't have any restriction to use optimization.

Do the same with P32 librairies.

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