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New PIC32 toolchain with GCC 8.2.0 - rhn_mk1 - 27-09-2018

Hi all,

I started working on a 100% Free and Libre toolchain for PIC32, based on upstream versions of the "big" components like GCC and newlib, and using the Free pieces of the pic32-part-support which was released by chipkit.

I'm currently at the level of a blinking LED and a single microcontroller (PIC32MX440F256H from the Pinguino Micro). The end goal is to develop it enough to create a 100% Free boot loader.

It should be possible to add other microcontrollers rather easily. What I have trouble with now is RAM functions (what are those?), proper interrupt handling, heap and so on.

Please check out the project on GitLab:

I'm looking forward to contributions Smile