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ECCP1 on 18F45K50 - richard.avilez - 19-11-2018


I am trying to get the enhanced CCP module to work with the 18F45K50 but so far I only see the modulated P1A pin. 

As I failed to successfully configure the PIC under Mplabx 5.10, btw., no serious problems with 18F4550 here, I searched for example programs and come across HBridge_18F4550.pde which compiled and after importing the hex file into Mplabx, it showed traces on P1A and other pins using the logic analyser of the simulator. I then compiled the same code for the 18F45K50, making a small adjustment for the oscillator setting in config.h, and still, I only see the modulated P1A in the simulator.
Has anybody had any success in getting the ECCP module to work in Half-Bridge or Full-Bridge mode and if so, can you help ?