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Supporting other PIC chips
19-12-2011, 05:41 PM,
RE: Supporting other PIC chips
(22-11-2011, 03:36 AM)PMB-NZ Wrote: I think Arduino and Pinguino are very good and it is not a problem using PIC18F as the minimum device. Having to use USB on the device is very good for education and hobby but is limiting for small embedded applications. Maybe one of the reasons Arduino has done so well is that it does use USB and is simple; if you don't count all the problems with Windows and USB drivers Wink


I was using Windows to drive the ICSP programmers as I have not found a reliable Linux ICSP software. Maybe now I can leave Windows behind.

Unfortunately / sadly enough, this is reality : I and many other arduino users newer saw "all the problems with Windows" you expect, arduino installs and works very good both on Vista and old 2000 machines, while you can't find any good ICSP software on linux... :-( Strange that arduino apparently works on Windows, MAC and Linux...

I don't want to advocate or critic anything, but look for comparison at Paul's excellent work for the teensy : it is not supported by Arduino people, but its "teensyduino" extension works for arduino 0022 as well as 1.0. In the other hand, installing pinguino on the 2000 machine failed (some python related error). Hence while I wanted to migrate to pinguino, I'll finally go teensy instead (or STM32 later, even if Maple IDE is also not without issues ;-(

So my advice to the pinguino admins : consider what is best : continue with little critical mass or join the mainstream. Wouldn't it be possible to change arduino IDE so that it compiles for PICs ?

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