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Interfacing SOMO 14D sound module
13-05-2013, 06:26 PM,
Interfacing SOMO 14D sound module
I have started a new project which is using PIC18F2550 and interfacing with the SOMO 14D sound module.
4D System documentation
Does someone have done such adaptation ?

In my project, I use both the UART to connect to a 433MHz receiver (around 1600bps) and I would like also to use one servo. Could I use the SPI to interface with the SOMO 14D, or do I need to rewrite the "16 bit shifter".

In fact I would like to have (see schematic attached)
1. AnalogOut on Pin 11 and 12.
2. Servo on Pin 13.
3. Uart (1600bps) (on pin 17 and 18)
4. SOMO 14D clock and data on pin 22 and 21

Is it compatible or do I will have some limitations ? Could I use SPI ?

Any coment is welcome.

Does somebody is interested by a SOMO 14D library
a. SomoOpenFile(int num_file)
b. SomoPlayFile() // non blocking
c. SomoSetVolume(int vol)
d. SomoAbortFile()
e. SomoReset()
f. int SomoStatus() // return Buzy signal

Or does someone has already developped it ?

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