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8-bit total failures
09-11-2013, 07:36 PM,
8-bit total failures
Hello Pinguino team!
Great products, concept, and dedication to you all.

I am having issues with home-brew 8-bit boards based upon both the 18F4550 and the 18F27J53. The boards have been successfully built according to the current schenatics, loaded with the proper bootloaders (V4.13 and 4.12 via Pickit3) and I am using the latest IDE (Vx.4 Easypak). My machine is an XP Pro at the latest SP3. They are recognized by Windows and drivers install seamlessly.
When I try even the simplest app (the ubiquitous Blink) it compiles just fine. When I reset the board(s) and try to upload via bootloader I am constantly getting:
"Pinguino not found
Is your device connected and/or in bootloader mode ?"
This is in spite of everything directed by the instructions on the web page.
I am really excited about the mass storage capabilities now as that is exactly what I am in need of (SD card storage) and an external RTCC (MCP7410). BUT, is is frustrating that I cannot get the hex file to upload. I can use the Pickit3 to upload if necessary. But the bootloder would be much sweeter!
What am I missing? I feel that the answer is right in front of my nose but I can't see it ...

Thanks for any help!


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