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8-bit total failures
10-11-2013, 07:18 PM,
RE: 8-bit total failures
Hello Andre.
Thanks for the quick response!
I assume you mean the "Reset" button when you refererence the "Boot" button? According to the schematics & instructions there is no more need for the boot button.
But, yes, I have reset the boards just prior to the upload process. I have tried immediately after, waited a few seconds after (reset), waited a LONG time after, etc.
V4.12 & 4.13 flash the user LED very rapidly (perhaps 20HZ?) regardless of 8MHZ or 20MHZ xtal. This is on the PIC18F4550. The PIC18F27J53 (sweet little processor!!) doesnt have any success either. The 27J53 is in its early stages of release so I am not too terribly worried about that. When the 4550 falls into place I believe the other(s) will begin to behave for me also.
BTW, I have the 32-bit Olimex Pinguino OTG and it works flawlessly within the IDE. Unfortunately,the project I am working on requires VERY low power (battery powered, long term remote outdoor operation) and the OTG just is too power hungry. Not enough power budget for it. So the Pinguino 8-bit is ideal for this project (datalogging and power budget).
This is my first attempt at building an 8-bit Pinguino so I am probably just missing something benign.
I am using am MELabs 40-pin prototyping PCBA (PICProto 64), 3.3v all around, powered by USB (for now) regulated down to 3.3V and a PICKit3 ICSP. It is built identical to the PIC18F4550_1 circuit.

I hope this rings a bell?

Thanks again!

Keep up the good work, all.


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