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mplabx - xc8 and pinguino bootloader with PIC18F2455
18-12-2013, 03:16 AM,
mplabx - xc8 and pinguino bootloader with PIC18F2455
I'd like to thank you for the great project - Pinguino and all the work done around.

I spent few days on google, how to simply integrate great (small sized, linux compatible) Pinguino USB bootloader with my fresh installation of mplabx - the first success results you can find bellow.

The first issue was to find how to upload simple, existing hex file without compilation or/and Pinguino IDE usage, I found regis's - only one parameter required - the hex file path, I found it here:

The second issue was, how to create compatible hex file in mplabx (screenshots of "LED based Hello World" are selfexplaining - LED on RB7 blinks 10 times, than device reset brings bootloader mode - I'm using Bootloader_v4.14_18f2455_X20MHz.hex).
- disable default cfg words/bits to be included in hex file
- correct linker memory ranges/offset
- custom upload command after successfull project build (optional)

I hope that this "one page info" will help somebody, who wants to integrate old archived projects with nice USB bootloader.
Thank you,

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mplabx - xc8 and pinguino bootloader with PIC18F2455 - by Losonsky - 18-12-2013, 03:16 AM

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