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PIC18F4550 Pinguino Board for High School Students
19-04-2015, 01:03 PM,
PIC18F4550 Pinguino Board for High School Students
In the past few weeks I have been working in a Pinguino board based in the PIC18F4550 with pedagogical purposes.

Pinguino PIC18F4550 DevBoard


This board will be used in a high-school by students to develop electronics systems. The school is located in Trelew, province of Chubut, Argentina.
(We really close to real Penguins, in fact we can visit them at Punta Tombo, the so called "paradise of the penguins").

The idea behind this design is build an ecosystem around the Pinguino environment, with shield/capes and everything needed to quickly setup and run complex systems.

E.g. 16x2 LCD Shield


The design was intended to be built by students or hobbyist with some knowledge in electronics, and for that reason the pcb is single side, all thru-hole, to simplify manufacturing.


- Board :

29 I/O available (Port A, Port B, Port C, Port D)
ICSP connector (for external programmer such as Microchip Pickit 3)
USB connector (for USB communication, USB programming and Power)
Supports 4/8/12/20/48MHz crystal (primary oscillator)
Power and User Led
3x3mm fixing holes

- Power

USB 5V - 500mA max.
Power adapter (center positive) : 6.5 - 12V - 1A max.
Battery : 6.5 - 12V.
Reverse polarity protection.

- DevBoard Poster

.jpg   Pinguino_18F4550_Info_Poster_low_res.jpg (Size: 460.96 KB / Downloads: 56)

Real board


Here I attach the fabrication files for those interested in build your one.

Finally, a little video of the Pinguino project deployed in classroom.

As soon as I get build some new shields, I will upload them.

I hope you like, and find it useful.

Any comments or suggestions are greatly appriciated.

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