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[SOLVED]SPI library compile error
14-09-2015, 01:59 PM, (This post was last modified: 22-09-2015, 09:33 AM by gtcbreizh.)
[SOLVED]SPI library compile error
Hello fellow enthusiasts,

I have been trying to get a SPI peripheral to work with pinguino however i am running into compile errors even with the example projects.
I am using pic18f2550, with the 4.14 bootloader. IDE 11.0-beta3 and Windows7x64 (tried to remove and reinstall the IDE already).
When i try to compile for example 'DigitalPotControl.pde' (unmodified) i get the following error in stdout:
Processor: 18f2550
sdcc: Calling preprocessor...
sdcc: Generating code...
C:/pinguino-11/p8/include/pinguino/core/spi.c:455: error 20: Undefined identifier 'SSP1BUF'
C:/pinguino-11/p8/include/pinguino/core/spi.c:456: error 26: '_SSP1IF' not a structure/union member
C:/pinguino-11/p8/include/pinguino/core/spi.c:458: error 20: Undefined identifier 'SSP1BUF'
C:/pinguino-11/p8/include/pinguino/core/spi.c:463: error 26: '_SSP1IF' not a structure/union member
C:/pinguino-11/p8/include/pinguino/core/spi.c:494: error 26: '_SSP1IF' not a structure/union member
C:/pinguino-11/p8/include/pinguino/core/spi.c:496: error 20: Undefined identifier 'SSP1BUF'
C:/pinguino-11/p8/include/pinguino/core/spi.c:497: error 20: Undefined identifier 'SSP1BUF'
C:/pinguino-11/p8/include/pinguino/core/spi.c:498: error 26: '_SSP1IF' not a structure/union member
I have tried to go in manually and use both hard and software SPI but i cannot seem to fix the issue.

The original idea was to use a nokia 5110 LCD (example PCD8544/helloworld.pde) and that too gives the same errors.

So first of all. This is a bug report, but maybe i'm doing something wrong and somebody might be able to help me. If there is any more info that you need please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

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