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Can't get CDC to work.
22-09-2015, 11:38 PM, (This post was last modified: 22-09-2015, 11:58 PM by B4lfiz4r.)
Can't get CDC to work.
Hey, I am working with the following example:
// USB/CDC/Printf.pde
// Output on Linux : sudo cat /dev/ttyACM0
// Outout on Windows :

float f=0;

void setup()
   pinMode(USERLED, OUTPUT);

void loop()
   CDC.printf("float=%.1f \r\n", f);  // 1 digit after decimal comma
   f = f + 0.1;

My device is visible but I am not able to find the drivers.

Where are the CDC drivers in the pinguino-11.2015.02.02-setup.exe release?

according to the wiki, they should be in

The driver for the PIC18F4550 device is in the Pinguino IDE Folder
but I am not able to find them.


Prepare the connection to the Pinguino device by installing the driver from:

How to install this driver? That's not the USB driver, Windows can'tr renognize it.

Any help is welcome..

I have found the driver on the web, I added it as a attachment.

But I still don't know why I don't have "Debug" under "Pinguino" tab, as stated on wiki. Can anyone help?

Step 4:
 Select Menu->Pinguino->Debug Mode->USB CDC And on the bottom section the port x on which the device is connected and there you go:

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