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18F2455 and sporatic results in COM window
25-03-2016, 07:14 PM,
RE: 18F2455 and sporatic results in COM window
(24-03-2016, 07:30 PM)mikronauts Wrote: Okay, Now I better understand. I referred to the Pinguino 18F2455. I thought that is what we were talking about.
When you referred to your board, it threw me off. And the attitude thing is because I asked a question, and you gave me the same answer. Once again, I thought we were talking about my project, the 18F2455 Pinguino board. 
Sorry, maybe some of my frustration came through my fingers. I appreciate the information. I will try to be more direct and patient.  Dave - dmaners

- it does not hurt to add some filtering to the USB power, I'd probably add 100nF if I was already not filtering the mcu power with 100nF and 33uF

- It does not show up on the Pinguino schematic because the Pinguino board was not designed by me

- my design is Pinguino compatible, but it is not a Pinguino

- On my designs, I always filter the power to the microcontroller in order to try to reduce noise on the power line

- well-filtered power leads to more accurate (less noisy) analog to digital conversion, especially if there is a power utilization spike from a sensor

- what attitude? You must mean yours: "Stupid me. But thanks for the attitude just the same"

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