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quad voltmeter
14-04-2016, 01:51 AM,
RE: quad voltmeter
hi Mr regis.
hi everyone.

Quote: I see no reason why a Pinguino couldn't do that but I don't know how to do it.

i think the pinguino its take several years to develop.

i don't Taunt or Underestimate the value of pinguino .Conversely ,
I encourage and i applaud warmly for developers of community pinguino .
i would like it to be the great because. its contains the powerful type of microcontroller .
i see other platforms its take over hard project.
the PIC microcontroller work in a great project an 2018 projects
but pinguino ?!!!!!! Huh Angel
Quote: I'd recommend to start first with a simple project.
i have many project and i can't wait .
with others can programme now without language .. or just with advanced flow chart programmes. i can't wait. blinking a led in the time of the internet of things and processing.
Quote: Why don't you just try to display voltmetre values on your computer, then earth resistivity, then store them in a file on a SD card.
Good luck.
i was practice those examples with micro C and microchip bootloader . and flowcode pic programme .. why don't with pinguino??

thank you MR

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