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Pinguino IDE V12: I2C library bug
27-07-2017, 04:36 PM,
RE: Pinguino IDE V12: I2C library bug
Hello everyone,

I think I found the problem. In the .pdl file the I2C.write definition no longer exists, instead it is defined I2C.writeChar. This change is not documented, nor updated in the examples that come with the Pinguino IDE.
I made the changes and now compiles. I will test on hardware to prove that the problem is solved, and close this thread.
I hope this contribution serves to update the examples, review the definitions and changes, and document them. I use the tools of the penguin project to teach programming, robotics and electronics to high school students, and these types of changes generate a problem for the students' development. Programs and libraries that previously worked, no longer do, examples either, and they lose reference.

I attach the corrected files used.

Thank you.



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.h   MAX30100.h (Size: 2.78 KB / Downloads: 4)
.pde   MAX30100_Ejemplo.pde (Size: 3.02 KB / Downloads: 7)

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