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errors on compiling
04-10-2011, 01:51 PM,
errors on compiling
i just did it and it work, if someone got errors on compiling and all drivers and python version are correct with OS ,u must try this:

1. on preferences choose the board type as the compiler run with no errors (i used PicUNo Equo)
2. push compiling button
3. on preferences again select the right board you got (my is Pic32 Pinguino)
4. push on Upload button

i used X.2 version fixed not the 9.5

Maybe this version got a bug , just check about it

thank you


Board: Pic32 Pinguino rev.B (Proc: 32MX440F256H)
Python: ver. 2.6.6
PyUsb: ver. 0.4.3 win32-py2.6
LibUsb: Driver/DLL ver.
Ide: X.2 fixed
OS: Win 7 SP1

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