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PIC32-Pinguino Pin2
29-10-2011, 10:43 PM,
PIC32-Pinguino Pin2
Just a suggestion, not sure it's the good place to, but...

I'm facing something very boring with Pin2, the one used for BUT reading. This pin is equiped with a debounce RC, which is useful in case of BUT reading, but which causes a very long slew rate on Pin2 in case of digital out usage...

I'm just working on a TFT LCD shield using Pin0 to Pin7 as a databus, and Pin2 behaviour make it unusable as-is. I'll probably have to move databus.2 to another pin... :-(

It's good to have put a header on LED1 allowing to insulate it from D13, but would be great to have the same between D2 and C20 capacitor ;-)

30-10-2011, 01:51 PM,
RE: PIC32-Pinguino Pin2
thanks fir the feedback I will forward to our engineers

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