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Intro video (beta)
25-12-2011, 09:47 AM,
4/4 - beta - upload to Pinguino
Here is the part 4 of 4... Uploading to Pinguino board...

Now I will do a review/correction/adjusts and final render in high-res...

Happy Christmas to all.

27-12-2011, 03:21 AM,
RC versions - 1200 x 900
Here are the "Release Candidate" versions with some corrections, increments and adjusts.

Resolution is high-middle (1200 x 900).

[Video 1] - What is Pinguino?

[Video 2] - More details of the blinking LED.

[Video 3] - Install Pinguino software.

[Video 4] - Upload code to the Pinguino board.

Thanks all for taking the time to watch and help make it better.

I will run some (more) higher resolution renders and Youtube tests before publishing to the large public.

These 4 small videos was the result of hours of thinking and considerations about "how to help Pinguino project" at this stage and "what should be done first?"
A small PDF (and site) came to my mind (in Debian way of doc), but I had decide to do the video first and then work at the PDF (and site) documents. They will be LINKED, in some way, so that everyone that watch the video will know the the PDF exists, and the ones that look at the PDF will know that the videos exists.

I will try to translate (myself) the video to other language, at least partially, so the videos can reach beyond english language people. I not sure about the results and don't know how much work it will require, but this is the current thinking...

[Practice makes perfection...]
It was 3 years or so without doing video editing, and the first time I'm using the current set and mix of new devices like videos from my Android... it was a re-learning process... lol... I hope to get better in the next set of videos...

Regards all,
28-12-2011, 08:24 PM,
RE: Intro video (beta)
Good idea to beginning them.
Realized well.



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