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Intro. Videos HD Release
02-01-2012, 05:44 PM,
Intro. Videos HD Release
I finally render and publish HD versions (1440 x 1080) of the 4 introductory videos... (now they are "public" on YouTube)...

Video 1 - What is Pinguino?

Video 2 - The (demo) Blinking Light Program (details).

Video 3 - Installing Pinguino Software.

Video 4 - Programming the Pinguino (transfer code) Board.

I'm trying something new here, a "directory" page to hold all links to all 4 videos. I'm hoping to make things more organized as the traditional (and chaotic) YouTube Channel... here is the page:

I want to make this small series only with these four small videos, any other material I will be doing will have its own "directory"... at least this is the current thinking...

These 4 videos will be part of the material I'm doing for "Physical Software" stuff, but this page will remain as independent as possible from the others pages, which means that except for a link it will only contain Pinguino information.

Hope it can help to spread Pinguino to more people...

Regards all,

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