Poll: Which features of Pinguino need to get top pritority ?
32-bit hardware
IDE improvements
Arduino compatibility
"Electronics" learning
Documenting existing stuff
Internet and/or Wireless connectivity
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Note: This is a public poll, other users will be able to see what you voted for.
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Poll about roadmap for Pinguino
23-01-2012, 09:29 AM,
Poll about roadmap for Pinguino
Hi all,

Following the Pinguino is growing... discussion, here is the poll about what users think is important in Pinguino. Please vote so that the interest of all the members becomes known.
You can select more than one, but don't select all of them, it's the same as selecting nothing and ... it dilutes differences.

<disclaimer>I'm not very familiar with MyBB, and this is my first try at a poll, so there may be glitches ;-) </disclaimer>
23-01-2012, 10:55 AM,
RE: Poll about roadmap for Pinguino
Hi tochinet,

a few of comments on your poll.

Firstly as your poll is under Pinguino Forum / Software / Development should not the first item be 32-bit hardware support - or should not the poll be elsewhere in the forum other than under software.

Secondly to make the poll as useful as possible, you may have jumped to the voting stage too quickly. There could well be a lot of other headings that other people are interested in rather than just the ones you have identified so far. Might it not be better to seek other forum users views on their areas of interest first and then use that input to generate the categories for the poll. Other categories that you might want to consider adding to the poll (and the following items are by no means comprehensive) are :-
  • 8-bit hardware support
  • 8-bit / 32-bit compatibility
  • additional processor support
  • packaged releases
I suggest that you halt the current poll and use this thread to seek other forum users views of areas of interest to include in the poll, possibly by posting to this thread, and then restart the poll based on an updated list of areas of interest based on those posts.

Thirdly, some of the categories are very wide and probably would not give sufficient direction to allow development effort to be focussed, e.g. Internet and/or Wireless connectivity could be split into three:-
  • wired internet
  • wireless internet
  • other wireless connectivity
Finally, and noting that it is your poll, I disagree with your comments about voting for all categories is the same as voting for none. Taken at face value this means that users who are interested in everything should not vote and this means that their interest is not recorded. Recording that people are interested is, I believe, useful and although I agree that it does not help identify differences it is still useful information.
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OS = Linux Unbuntu 11.10 till 26 Apr 2012
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23-01-2012, 08:34 PM,
RE: Poll about roadmap for Pinguino
Hi tochinet, good initiative, as mf01 pointed out, there may be more items good to include, but, anyway... this is a good start...

In your current list, the only item that I "was able" to vote is "documentation", so, the poll will allow me to express my opinion on this particular point ONLY...

If mf01's opinions are accepted, then I suggest each person present at least 3 items to include to one final list, then you compile a new list with all items and issue a "v2.0" of the poll...

In one way or another we can use the current thread constructively and come out with a useful set of opinions...

24-01-2012, 10:57 AM,
RE: Poll about roadmap for Pinguino
Thanks for the effort Tochinet! As mf01 and Valter said, more options would be nice, and I agree with Valter on the "3 items per person" thing.

24-01-2012, 02:03 PM,
RE: Poll about roadmap for Pinguino
First thanks for the replies, it's nice to see there is life here ...

@Valter, I tried to check 3 and it worked, not sure if it works like that for others. Maybe it would be even better to post your interests in the thread.

@mf01, I thinK I agree with most comments, but need to clarify : I just wanted to create "traction", i.e. get things moving, remember this is just one member posting one message, I'm not affiliated with anything and this is nothing official.

Since you went into details, I'll try to explain what I had in mind :

- first item means "support of 32-bit HW by pinguino SW", because the boards are not made by pinguino people if I understand correctly but by "volunteering companies" like Olimex.

- since there are not so many people active here, it's not a problem at all making many other polls ! I honestly do not think that "halting the post" is useful, on the contrary . Just let people come !

- about voting for all/none : the idea is to prioritize. To me, if we get something like 10/5/2/2/1 is better than 100/95/92/92/91. the latter means everything is as important as the rest, hence it's useless.

At this moment, there are two conclusions I/we can already draw :

- documentation is clear #1 item
- polls are not very reliable, as I checked 3, and Valter couldn't check more than one. In addition, my 3 checks count as 3 different votes out of 8 !

So IMHO this was more powerful than first discussing about what to put in the poll ;-)

PS. (3rd conclusion ;-) connectivity to Internet/wireless can't be too wide as long as it doesn't get at least 2 votes, can it ? It still has zero. If it ever gets high, you may create another poll for it ;-)
24-01-2012, 02:29 PM,
RE: Poll about roadmap for Pinguino
IMHO there are some issues with the poll.
I had just one vote, and I voted for Documentation, but I think it would be nice to have more than one vote.
We could design a poll with around 10 options (I mean, more than this one but not too many) in which you can vote for 3 different items.
Also your 3 votes would have different values, i.e. : 3 points, 2 points, 1 point, organizing your priorities.

Being a little community, I think this is a better solution, so that with few people we can get an "useful" result.

P.S.: I don't know if this is a very complicated poll model, it's just an idea Wink
24-01-2012, 03:32 PM,
RE: Poll about roadmap for Pinguino

Good initiative!

I also voted on three items:
- Documentation, since good documention makes it easier for people to actually use the hardware/software properly. It isn't enough that the hardware looks good on paper (hardware specs) if one can't do anyting with it. (Btw IMHO example code must compile without any errors or warnings.)
- Arduino compability. There are plenty of various interesting projects out there for Arduino. Would let the user start by using Arduino stuff and take it from there. Both we the Penguino users and Arduino users would benefit from it.
- 32-bit support.

24-01-2012, 08:07 PM,
RE: Poll about roadmap for Pinguino

Voted Idea
24-01-2012, 11:57 PM,
RE: Poll about roadmap for Pinguino
I have an unfinished doc entitled "What Makes Up A Platform?" that I want to show here, as it may help the debate to identify some priorities and directions...

The doc was "abandoned" at some point, but I think it shows the most part of the vital few factors inside any "platform".

The red lines was(is) my thinking if I apply the diagram to Pinguino (at current stage), they represent "where" I would place a considerable effort, if the goal is to make the community grow...

As I said, this doc is relative "abandoned" as I'm not updating it in regular basis...

Hope it help to the debate about a possible "roadmap" for Pinguino...

Regards all,

[Image: BuildingBlocksofaPlatform.png]

PDF: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/29669031/pinguin...atform.pdf
25-01-2012, 10:30 AM,
RE: Poll about roadmap for Pinguino
@electronlibre, I agree having different weigths would be better, but the poll feature is limited to what it is ... So for the rest, the only option is to discuss in the thread.

BTW, I confirm some other members _could_ vote for 3 items. On the myBB site, it is said that it is possible to "change" a vote from version 1.6, so maybe Valter/electronlibre you could try ? Not sure how though :-(

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