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Pin Layout Pinguino32 Micro
12-01-2013, 06:35 PM,
RE: Pin Layout Pinguino32 Micro
(02-05-2012, 12:55 PM)mf01 Wrote: With a developing and evolving environment such as Pinguino users always have to remember that and make sure that they do not mis-apply information from old posts that have been superseded by changes in the environment. I do not think it is realistic to suggest that people who post information on the forum should go back and change their posts to take account of subsequent changes.
With such ideas, Pinguino project is gonna die very soon: awful documentation, bugs in the code, wrong informations in forums, no tutorials at all. It will never become a "beginners' board" like arduino until you'll keep in mind beginners' needs: no instructions, plug&play.

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