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Pinguino with AD9851 DDS
27-02-2012, 05:17 PM,
Pinguino with AD9851 DDS
Hi Guys

I got some help here some time ago and thought I would post some information on my latest project.

I am a radio ham and have been looking for a half decent RF signal generator, I wanted to include a sweep capability as well as fixed and variable frequency outputs.

I have interfaced an AD9851 with my Pinguino board, written the software and have a great working project.

I've posted some details of the build here:

And the final boxed project is here:

This was my first attempt at anything like this, I'm delighted with the results and have lots more ideas for future Pinguino projects!

27-02-2012, 06:24 PM,
RE: Pinguino with AD9851 DDS
Love the box, it looks truly professional.

I thought about getting into ham radio, it would be a great complement to programming PIC devices and a true real world (read useful!) task for development.
Arduino uno full, 2009 barebones
* Arduino version: 1.0.3 beta
* Processing version: 2.-0a4
PIC32-Pinguino MX440F rev. c
* Pinguino version: svn latest x.3
Arduino shields:
W5100 Ethernet and SD
OS: ubuntu 12.10 64 bit

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