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IDE, syntax/debugging, and user.c
06-03-2012, 01:22 AM,
IDE, syntax/debugging, and user.c
Hi - this is a comment/suggestion:

- When source/user.c gets generated from the PDE file, all of the comments in the PDE file get stripped out.

- However, compile errors in the Pinguino IDE refer to lines in the user.c file

- This results in it being sometimes hard to track down errors, as the line number in the Output window in the IDE may bear little or no relation to the original line number in the PDE file

Now, seeing as the compiler will strip out any comments anyway, is there any reason I am missing for the user.c to be generated without the comments (not that they do anything useful at this stage, but just to keep the line numbering coherent between the PDE and the user.c file)?

If not, could they be left in (helps in catching syntax errors...)



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