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How bootloader works?
29-03-2012, 06:46 PM,
How bootloader works?
Hi everyone, I´m new at pinguino world.

I´m building a pinguino with 4550, and have one doubt about it.

After I write the bootloader with a serial programmer in PIC, the system will be detected by usb port OK? Then I´ll use pinguino X32.2 to write some program like led blinking. In the next time that I connect to write other program how bootloader will know that I want to put other program or run the program that was wroted? I need to put extra lines in programs to avoid bootloader overwriting?

Tanks, next week the parts will be received and I´ll start.

29-03-2012, 11:12 PM,
RE: How bootloader works?
Hi gabknight!

You only have to "load" the bootloader once. After that, if you use Pinguino IDE, the "program code" will be replaced every time you upload any new code, but the bootloader will remain.

The function of the bootloader is just that: It gives us the possibility to write new code to Pinguino without having to use a programmer every time.

I hope it helped! Wink

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