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SD Card question...Pinguino PIC32
13-04-2012, 10:33 AM,
SD Card question...Pinguino PIC32
Hej to all of you that got the SD card working. What is the write speed and how reliable is it? Also what is the max sd card size? I am asking because I cannot get it to work and if I am going to try to fix it I want to make sure it works well enough for this project.

Any help would be appreciated. If someone wants to zip a complete build of Pinguino IDE for windows that has the right packages for the SD to work I am happy to host it...
13-04-2012, 04:42 PM, (This post was last modified: 13-04-2012, 04:44 PM by mf01.)
RE: SD Card question...Pinguino PIC32
Hi Robmesser,

I have had a trial program running for a while and it seems reliable once working. I cannot comment on the write speed as my example is more of a data logging application writing a few strings of data every 20 - 30 seconds rather than writing any significant amount of data in one hit. It has been running continuously without any failure since 28 Feb this year and is writing approx 900k of data a day with a new file created each day. I have tried both a 2G micro SD card and an 8G (i.e. SDHC) micro SD card and both seemed to work OK although my trial program is currently running with a 2G card.

It should not be necessary to zip a complete build of the Pinguino IDE in order to get it running, if you already have a working version of the IDE then it should only be necessary to substitute a few key files.

In order to let others help you, could you please post some more information as asked for in the various "Read this before posting" posts, particularly the board you are using, the version of the IDE you are using and the version of Windows you are running.

There have also been some other recent posts on getting the SD library running which may give you some clues.

What is the particular project you are trying to do?
Board = PIC32-Pinguino-OTG Rev C
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24-01-2014, 05:42 AM,
RE: SD Card question...Pinguino PIC32
Yes, what is the max SD card size for the OTG? I looked everywhere in vain. Would a 32GB work, for example?
24-01-2014, 03:08 PM,
RE: SD Card question...Pinguino PIC32
The SD library is based on the ChaN's FatFS, a very nice implementation of a Fat filesystem for microcontrollers. Also, FatFS is capable of handling the newer SD card standard (v2) that allows the use of high capacity SD cards. It has been confirmed to work with 8 GB SD cards. I expect that it should work but have not tested on cards that large yet. Just make sure that the SDHC card you're using has a sector size of 512 bytes.
More details about limits are here :
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28-01-2014, 07:20 AM,
RE: SD Card question...Pinguino PIC32
No idea of the sustained write speed. I use 32GB SDhc and it works fine.

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