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led blink work pinguino mini
03-07-2012, 12:18 PM,
led blink work pinguino mini
Hi Regis , well i make this pinguino work...the led program!but its tikeme
a little work...but that's good.First,congratulatinon to olimex,its a very strong
pc,i use a lot of force and tecnique to put in a protoboard,and its cost my a lot..butthe pinguino mini resist,good its strong.Don't think that i don't knonw that
a micro its delicate perse,so i don't use a dremmel or somthing lke that..when don't
Second:many people here say “where is the documentation..there nothing...“.its happened to me too,but i think “wait a minute.. its ,this guys(yuo and all the pinguino team)are not stupid yes?they make a buetyfuull pinguino,yes,and the i understand.Its an open proyect,its in development state,and yuo know The Documentation its there,here,the problem for me was to find it .Well,i understand,the pic32 its a new powerful design...most things i found here or in the net are for the 8 bit the problem with the driver,for example i never do the driver install,cuause when i read the manual,press the button and connect to the usb portof my old pc,win xp inmidiatily detect the hid driver and install itsself...and work

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