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Problem with eeprom and pinguino 2550
16-07-2012, 07:06 PM,
Problem with eeprom and pinguino 2550
Hi, I'm having some problems with writes (or reads, I really don't know) on the eeprom on my 18f2550 pic.

That simply don't writes the value that I want. If I write a 9 (eemprom.write(address, 9)) and then I read the value it reads a 232 value, if I write a 25 I read an 94. This behavior occurs in all the addresses, and the value written is always the same for the same value given, and is also always wrong.

I really don't know if the value is incorrectly written or incorrectly readed, I don't have a programer ready to read the eeprom and verify that right now, I originally burn de bootloader with an art2003 programmer and winpic800, wich work in LVP mode, after burn the bootloader I put the LVP pin connected to ground (through a resistor) for avoid the LVP mode while I work with pinguino, can that have any influence in my problem?.

After try repeatedly read and write the eeprom, I try burn the bootloader again (with the art2003 + winpic800 again, I don't use windows in my computer so that require to travel to another place to do that), after that the USB interface with my code in phyton is not working well, some times work, some times not. Yesterday I try again but that don't work any more, although the pinguino IDE detects an writes the hex correctly, no errors are given, but my python interface don't work any more, maybe I broke my PIC Sad

Another comment, my code is a little big, 82% of the total available according to pinguino IDE, can it be a trouble? I will try later with code that only test the USB connection and eeprom writes to verify if that have something to do

10-05-2013, 02:20 PM,
RE: Problem with eeprom and pinguino 2550
Hi! I have a 18f2550 which died after thé burning of a test bootloader seems to use LVP.

Since this programming, with an easypic3 from mikroelektronika, rb5 Still always in high level, any futur config fuses i reprogram, even if i clear blank thé pic.

However, the program doesn ´ t work properly but eeprom access are not corrupted.

Try to acces to the data memory directly using __asm ... __endasm; block, with native access and test, like read an eeprom location, update it (comf, swapf, or incf, for exemple) and update a led usi g the result.

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