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problem using CDC library under X.3
26-12-2012, 04:38 AM,
problem using CDC library under X.3
Hi Friends,
I', trying to do some tutorials about board pinguino18f4550, and recently I've migrate to X.3, so I was checking my past codes under X.2 to X.3 and see what happens, and in that process I found a problem: CDC library doesn't work.

I have Win7 OS, 64 bit, Pinguino IDE X.3, but this example runs very well under X.2, I would like to know if you need more information in order to solve this issue. Thanks!

The code:
u16 n=0;
unsigned char receivedbyte;
unsigned char rxstr[64];
int a,b;

void setup()
    pinMode(28, OUTPUT);

void loop()
        receivedbyte =;
    }while(receivedbyte == 0);

    a = rxstr[0];//15;
    n = a;

    n = 10;
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