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plz help mee
22-03-2013, 11:41 AM,
RE: plz help mee
Hi moinul.
Perhaps you could take a photo of your board and post it here. This perhaps?

Meanwhile I can tell you how it works on my olimex pinguino-micro:
I have selected in the Pinguino IDE (the programming environment) the type of board i use.
I have made some code, and some errors.
I compile and get error codes or just silence in the slim black window at the bottom of the Pinguino IDE.
* Look in your c:\pinguinoX.n directory. Please find the files "stdout" and "user.c". They contain all error messages, and the source file as the compiler sees it, with correct line numbers. Make shortcuts to the Desktop for these 2 files, open them with some clever editor, not just Notepad. I prefer UltraEdit, Editplus or Editpad lite, but there are may others. *
When syntax bugs are gone I press a "hold reset" 2button combination on the board (you do need a manual!) and then it's in programming mode. I press the program button on the IDE and after a while the board resets and hopefully my program is running.

Also, your board maybe has a "debug output", a "serial port over USB" called CDC.
You print to it by statements like CDC.printf(); in your pinguino-code.
While your board is connected, select "Debug" "CDC" or similar in the IDE. Nothing happens. Now press the reset button on your board. There will now appear a new serial port on your PC, which you connect to by using Hyperterm or similar.
I.e. you enable the CDC by clicking in your IDE.

Also you should read this:

Best regards
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22-03-2013, 01:07 PM,
RE: plz help mee

In my opinion, most of the information on this wiki page are obsolete/false :

RA4 : false, RA4 is defined as pin #18 (cf. core/pin.h)
RE3/MCLR : true, used as MCLR (cf. bootloader config bits)
PORT B pull-ups : INTCON2bits.RBPU = 0 (disable) or 1 (enable)
i2c : false (cf. core/i2c.c or pdl/i2c.pdl)
spi : false (cf. core/spi.c or pdl/spi.pdl)
interrupts : false (cf. core/interrupt.c or pdl/int.pdl)
eeprom : false (cf. core/eeprom.c or pdl/eeprom.pdl)
reset source detection : work in progress (cf. lowpower.c)
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