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Update Easy Pack for Win32. with MIPS16
03-03-2013, 11:13 AM, (This post was last modified: 03-03-2013, 11:57 AM by avrin.)
Update Easy Pack for Win32. with MIPS16

I've made the update pack for 'Pinguino-X4-EasyPack-Win32-Rev685mod-v01-2013-02.7z'.


.zip (Size: 21.38 KB / Downloads: 17)

This is the release note.

*** Update Easy Pack release note ***

This is the minor update pack for 'Pinguino Easy Pack for win32 rev685mod'. (*1)

* Install
1. Extract this file to the arbitrary folder.
2. Over write 'x4-easy-rev685mod' folder to the original 'x4-easy-rev685mod' folder.

THAT'S ALL!! Big Grin

* Improvement
[For all PIC32MX board]:
Added: The option of the MIPS16 code generation in Makefile.win32

The MIPS16 option can dramatically reduce the flash size,
but it is simultaneouly reduced the execution speed of CPU about 30%.

The way of activating the MIPS16 option:
1. Open 'x4-easy-rev685mod/source/Makefile.win32' by editor.
2. See Line 66, and enable this line,
       #__MIPS16_ENABLE__ = true
       __MIPS16_ENABLE__  = true
3. Save and exit editor.
4. Compile any example codes on Pinguino IDE, it would be reduced the generated code size.
5. Doulbe click the batch file 'x4-easy-rev685mod/asm-list.bat',
you can check the disassembled MIPS16 codes.

* Modification
[For GENERIC32MX220F032]:
Fixed: Issue that the mistake value of USERLED definition.
Fixed: Issue that UART(Serial) port was undefined (unmapped).
Fixed: Issue that millis() function dose not work correctly.

(*1) Pinguino-X4-EasyPack-Win32-Rev685mod-v01-2013-02.7z

Please try this package and I would appreciate your thoughts and opinions.



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