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AC-DC Mini power source for pinguino!
15-09-2013, 12:31 AM,
AC-DC Mini power source for pinguino!
Hello guys i want show a mini power source for pinguino proyects that need work with AC current. I am working in a project for make a turn on / off in the lights of my house with Bluetooth and i need install my Pinguino in my house.

Was too hard get an minipower source for make the project portable.

But here it is!:

[Image: 644036_650672924957292_1072425457_n.jpg]

A MINI switching power source (110v/60hz)/(220v/50hz) to 12v DC 400mA
15-09-2013, 09:12 AM,
RE: AC-DC Mini power source for pinguino!
could you post the reference ?
15-09-2013, 09:51 AM,
RE: AC-DC Mini power source for pinguino!
Does it meet all of the (safety and other) EC laws?

15-09-2013, 09:25 PM,
RE: AC-DC Mini power source for pinguino!
Yes, it s a commercial power source.
I will post the reference soon, i buy only 1 in a auction. But wait me! i will post it!.
16-09-2013, 09:50 AM,
RE: AC-DC Mini power source for pinguino!
Not that far from here (Munich area), there is a somewhat special mail order outlet offering plenty of interesting products at reasonable prices (ok, sometimes "fallen from the truck" style), especially power supplies with or without housing (sorry, German only):

(Maybe select "Preis:niedrigster zuerst" (Price:lowest first) from the "sortieren nach:" combo box. In case you feel lost, just PM me.)

Of course you will have to check if current and voltage values (output AND INPUT!) match your requirements AND care for safety of "open" power supplies, which are NOT isolated but expose LIVE MAINS voltage - even indirect contact -via conductive material- may be lethal! Many of them would NOT fulfil US/EU/national legal regulations a.s.o., so I explicitly recommend this for private "tinkering" only - but NOT for commercial/industrial use!

AVOID "open frames" unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing!

For international ordering, see three bottom links here:

Ususally I prefer _switching_ power supplies (SCHALTnetzteile). My personal favourites, which offer additional higher or negative "switching" (i.e. low current) voltages (usefull for some LCDs for instance; all voltages usually work properly even when drawing current from just one single voltage source):

VERY low current only, but a good selection of voltages:

Screwed plastic housing plus mains hand-thru:

Reasonable currents even at higher voltages, for instance for PoE powering OR (with a tunable power regulator) as a general purpose lab power supply:

The 3rd came in a cardboard box with suitable outlet holes (but remember that cardboard gets conductive when wet, so this can NOT be considered SAVE by any means!)

Suitable terminals for the second (note that prices are for units of ten!):
16-09-2013, 09:59 AM,
RE: AC-DC Mini power source for pinguino!
Wow - so much choice!


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